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Is 'connection' what we're looking for?

This is quite interesting, the brief video segment from our Albany Tango Society class titled 'Connection' had over one million views in just one week on Facebook alone. Since I have never experienced such a strong exposure by just posting a low quality video of our connection exercise, I was very curios to read the comments that people from all over the globe were posting along with sharing and re-sharing this video.

It only made it clear once again the simple truth: 'THAT WHAT WE CALL CONNECTION' is what people who viewed and shared it appreciated the most. Those were not only tango dancers (by the way - mostly social dancers treasured this video) but also kizomba dancers, ballroom dancers and even horseback riding trainers! Now, that it has been shared almost 20.000 times I would like to know your input on why did it get so 'popular'?

Feedback much appreciated!

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