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Learn the proper way of dancing  Tango Nuevo  - use efficient methods to speed up your learning process.

'The Method' is a proven way to learn faster by using a system that builds up your knowledge base from the most essential principals to advanced figures and steps.

Each of the three parts of the course is designed for open level dancers. Each one will outline the most essential principles & techniques as well as introduce figures with increasing level of difficulty.


Each course contains 6 lessons, demonstration, special exercises and conversations with El Gato.

Suitable for couples, beneficial for teachers.

'The Nuevo Method' 

COURSE I - The Matrix

This part is the foundation of the entire tango system as seen through the lens of the modern days education.

Our first course is designed for open level dancers (suitable for teachers as well)






COURSE II - Picasso

This part is the continuation of  PART I and it is focused on mastering off-axis moves & developing your creativity.




COURSE III  - Libertad 

Third part completes The Nuevo Method and prepares dancers to take a leap towards the achieving liberty in a dance. Alternative Tango at it's best - shadow position moves, cadenas of colgadas and various advanced gancho combinations will challenge you!

Save $ - get all 3 COURSES


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