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Just another Tango note...

I will call it “just another Tango note. I used to have a lot of those and even thought to compose a sort of book out of those one day. Then I saw that just living the experience was far more important to me than putting it on the paper. Still I want to share it with you...

The experience of freedom is reached easily when one is relaxed and in the mood of allowing yourself just “being yourself”. In fact, there is never a conflict in that, except when “the other one” is introduced into situation. However....TANGO is a strange dance. The “other” can also contribute greatly to your “freedom experience”. It is perhaps simply a question of matching. To reach the state of “unconcerned just dancing” is easier when dancing at the milongas versus performing (for me at least). The most beautiful natural musicality just happens to you and a movement that is very efficient is born. That is what I call “just dancing”. It has been a long time since I was inspired by an unexpected tanda or two, but it does happen again and again. Some people have such an ability to “be with you”, to go with you anywhere you go - to really be a part of you while dancing. That experience for the leader is untradable. And I do not know if this ability depends on one’s personality or on the overall experience, either way - both dancers win! It is a teammate game, it is a “oneness” experience.

On the other hand there is technique or mastery idea. If no technique at all was needed, we would just all hug on the dance floor and have a blast. That “The Grandmaster” movie segment keeps coming to my mind: “You need both a master and an opponent. A great master is like a scale, a genuine opponent, a mirror. A well-matched opponent is as rare as a good friend.” And what I mean by that quote is that by dancing with someone with similar amount of experience or skill you can remember once again how much better you’ve become.

Once in a blue moon you meet someone (perhaps if only for one tanda) who will be just perfect for that very moment...because there is no other way to describe it other than "perfect".

Age is just a condition, body type is a different! But WHO WE ARE is as real as it gets! It shows in the way we dance and in the way we treat public and in privacy, when no eyes are watching.

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