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 Free Tutorials videos

 We regularly record and post educational Tango, Milonga & Vals videos for you to study - you just need to LOG IN  as a member to access the page. Leader's & follower's technique videos are available as well as partnership work.

The Tango  Method

 Learn social form of dancing using efficient systems developed by Michael, Silvina & Elvira to take you from 'A to Z' of Argentine Tango, Vals & Milonga. 'The Method' is a proven way to get familiar with the figures danced at the milongas of Buenos Aires. Each course consists of  beginner, intermediate & advanced level tutorials. Each level will outline the most essential principles & techniques and enhance your understanding of the dance.

The Nuevo Method

 Learn the proper way of dancing  Tango Nuevo  - use efficient methods to speed up your learning process.

'The Method' is a system that builds up your knowledge base from the most essential principals to advanced figures and steps. Each of the three parts of the course is designed for open level dancers. Each one will outline the most essential principles & techniques as well as introduce figures with increasing level of difficulty.

Tango DrillZ™ collection

 Collection of solo technique Tango DrillZ™ & Silvina's Secrets videos. We have over 100 videos recorded for you to  practice with us  - choose to rent a single class for 72 hours or get a package of 4 lessons Select 4 for one full year and save money.

Silvina's Secrets

 Learn specialised female technique with Silvina - balance, coordination & adornos. In addition, discover the special package of 4 classes dedicated to the topic of musicality and the analysis of 4 different tango orchestras.

Lambo Styling 

 Elvira Lambo offers the experience she gained from studying a variety of dance styles that she integrated into her personal Argentine Tango way. Warm up, foot work & body coordination - all covered in this 70 minutes class.

Tips from El Gato

 Michael 'El Gato' Nadtochi explains the basics and the secrets of leader's technique. Learn intricate figures, Tango Salon footwork & coordination with the partner. Enrosque, Lapiz, Aguja and more. 

 Private lessons

 If you are considering a LIVE ONLINE ZOOM session with us to address your specific needs please contact us for details

WHAT our students experience


Mary G. - USA

  "Silvina is an amazing dancer and an excellent teacher. I feel lucky to have the opportunity through online lessons to learn from her"


Tango Aficionado - Bulgaria

"Another useful video! Watching a lot of online lessons right now but most often I share those of Michael & Silvina because  they are some of the best on the internet right now! Clear, tight, purely formulated and without unnecessary waste of time!"


George M. - USA

"This is the best explanation on how to properly dance Milonga (with proper phrasing) that I have ever seen and heard. Thank you so much Michael & Silvina. It will surely inspire me to be a better teacher !"

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