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On partnering in Tango

This "tango thing"... it only makes sense within a context - a context of partnership. The old Gavito used to say to me - "It takes two to Tango, they don't say it takes two to Cha Cha...there must be a reason for that".

Of course any partner dance requires one to be in tune with the other, but this "tango thing"...perhaps even more so!

Are we solo dancers or are partner dancers? I have seen many social dancers with not such a great technique really... but oh they were so TOGETHER! And yet, I have seen some professional dancers, with excellent technique. But the dance was cold! Way too cold... Connected on a technical level, but I am not talking about that. The SOUL was missing.

I do believe in self practice - as a dancer of almost 30 years, I do know the value of understanding your own body before you approach your partner. But there comes a moment when you are attempting to make a DANCE happen with another... sometimes that means sacrificing or easing up on your technique. For the sake of PARTNERSHIP. So where is the balance?

What are your thoughts on that?

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