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The Nuevo Method II


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Open level: unique patented course created by Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo to help you learn Tango Nuevo using simple step by step organised tutorial. This part is the foundation of the entire tango system as seen through the lens of the modern days education.


Read the description & watch the video below for a preview of  the material taught in course II

L1: Learn the principle behind 'VOLCADA' and try a few variations. Connection & axis positions explained.


L2: 'COLGADA' and various options. Discover movements off balance and ways to sustain equilibrium of the couple. Turning principles.


L3: Sacada -  Entrada - Tomada. What is in common between all three ideas? Creative combinations.


L4: 'SOLTADA' - a path to perfect balance. Learn guided turns to spice us your Tango Nuevo.


L5: 'DOBLE FRENTE’ means shadow position. Have you tried sacadas in a doble frente position? We will guide you step by step!


L6: 'ENGANCHES' - various hooks & leg entanglements. Classics of Tango Nuevo explained in details.

Demo of figures course II
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