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The Art of Tango

Argentine tango professional team performing and teaching globally. 

Why The Art of Tango?

Today there is a great variety of styles and ideas floating around the globe contributing to the overall expansion of Tango. To us this is more than a dance…It is most certainly a very personal art form. Our mission lies in helping our students to clarify main concepts of this dance so they can make the most intelligent choices in search of their own personal way and develop their artistry!


 As teachers what we offer is to analyze and perfect a few aspects of this dance that are dear to us: elegance, creativity, connection, musicality, balance & flow. Each topic is a complete subject on it’s own and a skill of combining these ideas harmoniously forms our vision of Tango today.

[Michael Nadtochi]

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Discover our online Workshops and Courses

An extensive collection of pre-recorded 60 min online Tango Technique lessons. You can rent any of the videos for 72 hours or get a  package of 4 classes for one full  year by clicking here.


Each class is taught by Michael & Silvina and combines most fundamental exercises for balance, coordination and musical response. No partner needed - this is a solo technique class!

Try our ON SALE collection for just $10

Master class online from Silvina Tse - 30 min specifically designed to explore details of women's technique & fundamentals of styling.

To rent a specific class you can check the page Collection where Silvina posted a variety of lessons categorised by specific topics.

Don't forget to check the page Tips from "el Gato" if you want to study  leaders technique with Michael Nadtochi.

'The Method' is a proven way to get familiar with the figures danced at the milongas of Buenos Aires as well as an opportunity to improve your lead and follow.

Three courses dedicated to learning how to dance Argentine Tango, Vals & Milonga are designed for beginner, intermediate & advanced level dancers. These courses outline the most essential principals & techniques that will enhance your understanding of the dance.


Each course contains 6 lessons, demonstration, special exercises and 'El Gato's advice'. Suitable for couples. Explore THE METHOD

We produced 20  educational Tango, Milonga & Vals videos for you to learn for FREE - you just need to create a LOG IN  and become  a member to access the page. Leaders & followers technique videos are available as well





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